Wyze Cam Plus subscription launches with people detection and price boost

Wyze, the company best known for its inexpensive security cameras, has announced a new subscription called Wyze Cam Plus that replaces its previous Complete Motion Capture plan. With this optional subscription, customers can gain access to enhanced features over what is included with the cameras, the most notable being the return of Wyze's people detection feature...and a price boost to match.

Wyze offers multiple inexpensive home security cameras, the best known being its simple cube-shaped Wyze Cam. The security cameras were notable not only due to their low cost and sufficient operation, but also the available features, one of which was people detection. A surprise business deal last year caused Wyze to temporarily remove this year, which it has since relaunched as promised.

The new Cam Plus plan offers users access to this feature, as well as cloud storage for full-length videos and real-time alerts only when people are detected by the camera. The company published a long forum post about the new subscription plan and the transition for existing customers, explaining that Complete Motion Capture subscribers will see refunds for the current month of that plan and a new charge for the same amount for Cam Plus.

These existing customers are told to upgrade their security camera firmware to get the new Cam Plus offering at the same cost for one year. Once August 2021 rolls around, however, the higher price for Cam Plus will go into effect for these subscribers — the same price that new customers will pay starting now.

Wyze Cam Plus is priced at $1.99/month, but customers have the option of getting a discount by paying for a full year upfront at $14.99 in total. Wyze calls this its 'early bird' pricing, so don't expect to see the annual discounted rate persist forever. Though this is a price increase, it is a small one, bumping the monthly rate from $1.49/month by fifty cents.