WWE Network joins Peacock this month: The dates and prices you need to know

Back in January, the WWE and NBC made a rather surprising announcement by revealing that the WWE Network would become an exclusive offering on Peacock. Today, we're getting a date for that transition, as well as a date for when standalone WWE Network subscribers are going to have to make the switch if they want to keep watching. Yes indeed, it seems that WWE Network subscribers are going to have to sign up for Peacock Premium if they want to keep their subscriptions to the WWE Network.

NBC and WWE announced today that Peacock will begin rolling out the WWE Network on Thursday, March 18th. WWE Network will be going live on Peacock in time for Fastlane on March 21st, which will be the first pay-per-view event hosted on Peacock. This is going to be a phased rollout, meaning that not all of the WWE Network content will be accessible from day one.

The stuff that will be accessible on day one includes every WrestleMania up to WrestleMania 37, which debuts in April. Peacock will also be hosting every pay-per-view event in the past calendar year; WWE originals like Steve Austin's The Broken Skull Sessions and WWE Icons; replays of RAW and SmackDown 30 days after they air; and several documentaries. NBC says that Peacock will have the entire WWE Network archive on its service before SummerSlam happens later this year.

If you're a current WWE Network subscriber and you want to continue to access the standalone version of the service, there's a tiny bit of good news but a lot more bad news. The good news is that the standalone service won't be going offline on March 18th when WWE Network launches on Peacock. The bad news is that WWE will be shutting down the standalone service just a few weeks later, on Sunday, April 4th.

To continue watching WWE Network, you'll need to sign up for Peacock Premium – which runs $4.99 a month – and then sign up for WWE Network through Peacock for another $4.99 per month. That works out to the same amount that a standalone WWE Network subscription costs – $9.99 per month – so at least NBC and WWE aren't using this as a way of making WWE Network subscribers pay more. Still, if you're a WWE Network subscriber now, know that you'll need to switch over to Peacock Premium in just a few short weeks if you want to keep watching.