Wunderlist is shutting down for real in May 2020

These days, to-do list apps and services are almost a dime a dozen but, at least for a time, Wunderlist became the household name in that category. Microsoft then acquired the company behind the app and made no secret that it would eventually shut the service down once it has become more confident in its replacement. Unfortunately for the remaining Wunderlist faithful, that day has been marked on the calendar and WUnderlist, or at least the part that keeps devices in sync, will go dark in May next year.

The writing has been on the wall ever since Microsoft acquired developer 6Wunderkinder. After all, Sunrise Calendar suffered the same fate when its features were integrated into Microsoft Outlook. Some perhaps hoped, clearly in vain, that Microsoft would relent and prolong the service, or even sell the company and the name back to its founder.

Of course, that's not going to happen, especially since it would risk pulling away any potential Microsoft To-Do users. So on May 6, 2020, Wunderlist is shutting down. Specifically, users will no longer be able to sync lists between devices even if they're able to continue using the apps independently. Before then, Microsoft recommends importing their data into To-Do, presuming they haven't left for other apps already. No one can even sign up for a new account starting today anyway.

The team behind Microsoft To-Do, some of which came from Wunderlist, are proud to announce that Wunderlist really lives on in Microsoft's replacement, both in terms of features as well as the "high design standard". On a technical level, that may indeed be the case as To-Do offers groups, sub-tasks, attachments, and sharing. Plus it adds more features of its own, particularly "smart" features like My Day and Planned lists.

Some might still have some lingering hesitation about the future of to-do lists under Microsoft's stewardship. After all, unlike 6Wunderkinder, its business doesn't depend on that alone. In fact, there is technically no business behind Microsoft To-Do that's not attached to Microsoft's productivity suite. Microsoft apps and services have come and gone and Wunderlist fans might worry that it will only be a matter of time before even To-Do is scratched off Microsoft's list.