Woz talks Tetris fondness, brags top scores

We've all played Tetris at some point, alternating between love and hate depending on whether that long brick got snagged on a wayward corner on the way over. Today would be a good day to get nostalgic about those gaming days of old, given that it is Tetris' 30th birthday.

That's just what Steve Wozniak did, dropping unexpected into the comments over at Gizmodo to talk about his Gameboy Tetris prowess back in the day. Apparently he did so well that Nintendo Power started frowning upon him, taking away his coveted top slot on the list.

"It got to where they wanted fresh names in the list and said they would not accept my submissions any longer." What's a snubbed gamer to do in such a situation? He explains how he got his name on the list anyway.

"So I spelled my name backwards (Evets Kainzow) and changed the city from Los Gatos to Saratoga." As you probably guessed, Nintendo Power didn't suspect anything about the new submission and published it, putting his name — backwards though it was — again at the top of the list.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

Image via TinyCartridge