Wowwee RoboMe turns iPhone into a robot

Robotic toys aren't that uncommon on the market today. Some of them are more like engineering projects than toy kits, but others are designed for people that just want to play. Toy manufacturer WowWee has announced a new robot aimed at kids looking for a simple robot to play with.

The robot is called RoboMe and WowWee describes it as a customizable robotic avatar powered by an iPhone or iPod touch. The robot has a customizable face and personality. The face is an image on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. The user can change the way the robot responds to triggers from its embedded sensors.

The robot is also designed to allow the user to replace the robots voice with their own. The bot has sensors that allow it to detect objects and it can tell when someone shakes its hand. The sensors in the robot also allow it to be able to autonomously navigate through its surroundings and avoid crashing into obstacles. The robot includes a wireless remote allowing direct control over the bot.

Using a pair of iPhones or an iPod touch, the robot also supports telepresence functionality and can respond to voice commands. Software included with the robot allows users to program their own voice commands. The robot is designed for people 8 years and up and is available for $99.99.