WowWee Alive Panda Cub is all sorts of cute

We love robots here on SlashGear. That's just a given. But the WowWee Alive Panda Cub is certainly interesting. Not to mention, pretty freakin' adorable.

Normally when you hear the word "robot," people tend to think of something with exposed wires, a bunch of metal parts and super strength. However, this Panda is fuzzy and cute. What a contrast, eh?

This robot is super huggable and is meant for kids and adults alike. It's interactive and has a lot of lifelike qualities. But I know from personal experience that some cuddly robots are scary to kids. Remember Teddy Rupskin? Yeah. Terrifying. And the Alive Panda Cub might just fall into that cute but might come alive at night and eat you category.

[via SlipperyBrick]