WoW streamed to iPad gets fans excited

The iPad is already a good gaming platform with the wealth of apps for the iPad and the iPhone that are available. The most popular video game in the MMORPG genre is World of Warcraft. WoW may have been around for awhile, but it still is hugely popular.

WoW fans may be wishing that they could play the game on their shiny new iPad and some pictures of just such an occurrence have turned up online. WoW is streamed in these images to the iPad using Gaikai online gaming service.

The Gaikai service lets you play games within a browser using server side streaming tech. If you are intrigued be the possibilities this streaming tech brings you can sign up for a private beta invitation. The big question right now is exactly how the iPad is working with the service since Gaikai typically uses Flash and that's obviously no happening on the iPad.