WoW Legion will scale as you grow

When your game is 11 years old, you might think it's hard to keep changing things up. However, Blizzard is still continuing to do so with World of Warcraft. Over the weekend they announced some of the features we can expect out of the forthcoming expansion, Legion.

Normally, when you start on a new expansion, you'll head over to a new island of some sort, and you'll have one or two starting locations to branch out from. There will be multiple zones, but depending on your level, you'll need to stay within the boundaries of certain ones to avoid being easily killed by the roaming creatures. In Legion, you'll be able to wander each of the four new leveling zones and tackle enemies and quests without that fear. Instead of enemies that have static levels, everything in these zones will scale with your own level.

They're not just changing up the way you level, they're also going with a new endgame approach. Gone will be the dailies that have made up a vast majority of your endgame grind. Instead, there will be sets of rotating quests in all of the new zones. The quests will be available for specific amounts of time, anywhere from a few hours to a week. And these quests won't just be limited to one area. They'll take you to different zones, which pushes you to do more exploring and roaming in the new land.

While these features are pretty new to WoW, we've seen them in other MMO's, and they've worked quite well. Blizzard has stated that they're trying to push for a more open-world experience with these changes. They're also hoping that by scaling the difficulty in all four zones, it will be easier for friends to group up and play together, regardless of level.

VIA: Polygon