World’s Smallest VGA Camera Chip Sensor with Best-In-Class Sensitivity

Daniel Lim - Feb 12, 2008

OmniVision, the World’s largest supplier of CMOS sensor lunches the world’s smallest 1/13-inch VGA size camerachip. The OV7690 uses a better OmniPixel3-HS(TM) architecture with twice the light sensitivity compare to its 1.75 micron OmniPixel3(TM). The OmniVision proprietary image technology will improve low-light performance for new generation compact camera, camera phone, notebook or other compact CE devices that’s sufficient with smaller resolution images.

The new architecture uses a symmetric pixel design that eliminates color shading across the image plane. Combined with a low stack height, the OmniPixel3-HS pixel delivers a sharp, clear and accurate color image across the entire image plane. The new pixel cuts fundamental noise sources in half, significantly increasing the internal pixel gain and the quantum efficiency to provide a sensor with much superior low light performance and improved performance in all lighting conditions.

[via prnnewswire]

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