World's longest bike is 117-feet long

If you have never spent time looking at the Guinness Book of World Records, trust me that there are records in there for things you have never even thought of. One good example of a record for something you never knew existed is this incredibly long bike that now holds the record for world's longest bicycle.

This bike is 117-feet long and appears to be made using some sort of steel trellis for the frame. The bike requires two riders to operate with the one in the front handling the steering and the rider in the rear handling the pedaling. There are no seats along the length; the front rider simply sits on the steel trellis.

There is no word on exactly how much this beast weighs, but it has to be a killer bike to pedal. Presumably, all the weight means you don't want to crash and end up under the steel frame either. While this bike holds the world record for now, an even longer bike has already been built.

A group from Australia has built a bike that is 136-feet long. It would be hard to put this thing in the garage, but at least you won't have to worry about someone stealing it. At nearly half a block long, it has a turning radius worse than a fire truck.

SOURCE: bicycling