World's Largest LED screen

250x30 meters are its dimensions, which makes it really close to the size of a football field. A football field measures in at 100x53 and a third yards, the dimensions of this screen in yards are 273.4x 32.8 yards.

At 7,500 meters squared you can see a lot of fishes. The screen is in China, and is an LED screen that is hanging 80 feet in the air at a mall that is being built, it costs $32 million dollars.

The screen is actually made up of 5 separate screens that are still pretty huge. It can do just about anything a normal display does, play videos, games, show photos, etc, etc, but most of the time its wasted on screensavers that are so large they probably require some kind of supercomputer just to generate them. I want a video of Pong being played on this thing; it would take forever for that ball to travel from one end to the other.

World's Biggest Fake Fish Tank [via Gizmodo]