World's largest hydrogen fuel cell heads to Ohio for 5-year trial run

Hydrogen fuel cells that we typically talk about here are the small types that are intended to power electronics and vehicles. The world's largest hydrogen fuel cell is much, much larger than what we typically see. The fuel cell is packed into a three-axel semi-trailer.

The massive fuel cell on wheels is the world's largest and can produce enough energy to power 500 homes all on its own. The power output of the fuel cell is one megawatt. The fuel cell is made by Ballard Power Systems and is being hauled from Burnaby, B.C. to Eastlake, Ohio.

Once in Ohio the fuel cell will start its five-year trial run in the first deployment of its kind. The fuel cell will be used to deliver uninterrupted power to the residents of the area during the summer when the power demands are at their highest.