World’s First Robot Marathon in Osaka, Japan

Rue Liu - Feb 25, 2011
World’s First Robot Marathon in Osaka, Japan

The world’s first robot marathon is being held in Osaka, Japan. The contest is expected to take up to four days to complete with toy-sized robots traversing over 26 miles (42km) to complete 423 laps of an indoor track. Video of the competitive race after the jump.

Operators are allowed to change batteries and motors for their robots, but if any robot falls over, the robot must be able to get back up by itself. Organizers don’t expect the fastest robot to win, but rather the robot that can take the most wear and tear to be the last one standing.

The event should take about four days to complete, and is organized by local authorities and a local robotics firm. They hope the contest can someday become a regular international event.

[via ITN News]

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