World's fastest train resumes testing in Japan

Japan is already home to some of the fastest trains in the world with a fleet of bullet trains crisscrossing the country at incredibly high speeds. However, the current crop of bullet trains isn't fast enough for Japan and Central Japan Railway has resume trials of its incredibly high-speed maglev train. The train is expected to begin operating commercially by 2027.

Testing resumed on the Yamanashi maglev Test Line covering a distance of 42.8 km. The train is able to run at speeds of up to 500 kph using the Lo train car prototype. The train company plans to begin working on the maglev line by April of 2014 and the project will cost around $52 billion.

Once the line is complete, the Japanese public will be able to travel from Tokyo to Nagoya in only 40 min. currently that same trip, covering 286 km, takes 95 min. One reason the new maglev line will cost so much money is because the train company will have to tunnel under the massive skyscrapers in downtown Tokyo.

The company will also have to tunnel under the Japanese Alps. During the project the railway company will also be assessing the environmental impact of the trains and looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs. Nine additional high-speed train cars will be constructed by 2015 allowing test trains to include 12 cars with a total length of 299 m.

SOURCE: Japan Daily Press