World of Warcraft Twitch streamer dances his way to level 100

When you first play a game like World of Warcraft, it takes a good while to level all the way up. Plus, you've got to learn how to properly play the character. Then, after years of playing, it can honestly be so easy that you need a new challenge. One Twitch streamer seems to have hit that point, and decided that it was time to take a character from level 1 to 100, using nothing more than a pair of DDR dance pads.

Sure, I've complained about WoW and said that I could level up with my eyes closed, or something similar. But despite how much easier the game is now, when compared to the current game, I couldn't actually do it blindfolded. But Twitch streamer Rudeism can definitely get to level 100 while using only a pair of dance pads. And he did it in just 5 days.

If you can't quite believe that he was able to accomplish this feat (with his feet), you can head over to his Twitch page and watch the archives, where he's documented the entire process. He doesn't even skimp out on the dungeons, as he manages at least a single run though each one of them.

And if you're wondering if he cheats and uses his keyboard or another controller for any of the functions, he doesn't. The only thing his keyboard and mouse get used for are to log out of the game, or switch tabs, when necessary. He doesn't use any add-ons to help him out either, and just a single macro, which he uses for dancing. He just ties his main abilities to the different controls on the dance pads.

The next time someone tries to tell you how complex World of Warcraft has gotten, just point them in the direction of Rudeism, who proves that you need do little more than dance your way to level 100.