World of Warcraft: Legion unveiled with teaser

Blizzard has announced the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft, it is called Legion. The company showed off Legion at Gamescom in Germany earlier today, including releasing the first teaser for the expansion that includes a look at both gameplay and its different features (we've the video after the jump). Among other things, World of Warcraft: Legion will include a new level cap raised to 110, as well as a new hero class called Demon Hunter.

Blizzard actually had two videos to show off today, the first of which is the teaser you see below. It features the hooded orc shaman Gul'dan and some impressive graphics, and that leads into the features video (below), which shows actual game footage introducing the expansion's features.

As you might've guessed from the new Demon Hunter hero class, gamers will be battling demons in a new zone called the Tomb of Sargeras. Gamers will also be heading into the Emerald Nightmare as part of the expansion, an area of Emerald Dream. There will also be a new region called The Broken Isles composed of six sections.

When you'll be getting access to World of Warcraft: Legion is not known at this point, as Blizzard has not yet released the launch date. However we do know that later on this year the game's expansion beta will be arriving for you to try it out. Until then you can head to the official Legion website which just went live earlier today.

SOURCE: Kotaku