World of Warcraft Classic gets three new realms as servers choke

It's been a pretty intense initial 24 hours for World of Warcraft Classic. A ton of players have been looking to log into the game and relive WoW as it existed in 2004, and because of that, the servers are having a difficult time keeping up. On many realms, players have been greeted by hours-long queues when they attempt to log in, and while that emulates the experience of launch-day World of Warcraft pretty darn well, it isn't exactly ideal.

To try to curb the sheer number of logins, late last night Blizzard added three new realms to the already hefty server list. The first realm is actually a role playing player-vs-player realm called Deviate Delight in the Eastern timezone. The other two are standard PvP realms: Smolderweb (Pacific) and Sulfuras (Eastern).

Blizzard is encouraging players with long queue times to move to these realms. This benefits the community in two ways, as it allows the specific players switching servers a way to get into the game faster and it lowers the queue times on other crowded servers.

Of course, players who managed to get into these crowded servers last night and start playing their characters might be hesitant to jump to other servers, but for some, starting over might sound a lot better than contending with super long queue times.

Assuming interest in WoW Classic remains high, these probably won't be the final realms we see Blizzard add. It's clear that a lot of people have very fond memories of vanilla WoW, and though some people will probably drop off in the coming days, it's easy to imagine a large portion of the current player base continuing to play. We'll keep an eye out for more from Blizzard, so stay tuned.