World Largest 3D LED display is 180-inch

What could possibly make the news better than a World largest display with 3D technology? A US based but China manufactured LED display can interpret 3D video content at the size of 180-inch. The commercially behemoth can be further expanded in a trio arrangement to gather up to 360-inch of big wall display. If you have a dream of having a best-in-town Superbowl party, this is your Lombardi screen estate.

Developed by NewSight Corp; it's the World's first autostereoscopic 3D display at the size of 180 inches, viewable without the need of eye-straining glasses. The manufacturer also claimed it has a tolerable viewing angles and can be watched from 5m away.

I'll skip the oddly patterned sides panel and probably photoshop-masking the elderly couple out the picture; seriously, the picture doesn't justify this 180-inch 3D LED Wall.