World Darts Championship to be Filmed With 32 Cameras, Shown Off in 3D

While 3D sweeps through the movie industry, and begins to make large in-roads into the video game industry, it is sports that has already given its own green light for the technology. But, while watching a soccer match, or football or basketball in 3D may sound like fun, there may be some sports out there that don't necessarily need to be given the 3D upgrade. For instance, darts may not have been a sport that you'd think would get the 3D treatment, but you'd be wrong.

Europe's Sky 3D TV network is gearing up to present the World Darts Championship in glorious 3D. The tournament, which will be presented in 3D for the first time, has been allowed to do this, after Sky 3D tested the technology in bars across Ireland and the United Kingdom. The presentations of 3D darts was apparently so enjoyed, that Sky 3D felt that it would be the wrong thing to do to not present the world championship in 3D.

The championship will be shot with 32 different cameras. That's 10 more cameras than what would be needed to shoot each match in HD. Interestingly enough, there are going to be two specific 3D cameras that will be positioned at the dart board's perspective. Why? So those watching can feel like they're really there, and really getting darts tossed at their face.

[via TG Daily]