Workflow for iOS helps automate your life

You likely do quite a few of the same things on your phone day-to-day, so why not automate them? If you've got an iPhone, you're in luck. An app named 'Workflow' has debuted on the App Store, and brings in quite a bit of in-phone automation. In taking simpler tasks you need to do and making them boilerplate issues, Workflow is also really simple. The easy-to-use app is also incredibly adept at setting up tasks for automation, making it really useful for just about anyone.

Workflow can do all kinds of neat little things, like take a few pics and make a GIF or feed you directions based on your Calendar events. Workflow features also make a home as apps on the home screen once you set them up.

Say you set up a Workflow operation to automatically upload your last ten photos to a cloud storage solution. Your home screen would then have an app for that automated function, making the upload process as easy as a single tap.

The Workflow usability features also extend into Safari, where you can do things like save pages as a PDF.

Workflow has a variety of predetermined features they think you'll like, but setting your own up is really simple and endlessly useful. If you've ever had that "why can't my phone just know I want to do this!" moment — and we're banking you have — Workflow is an app you should pick up. The current price of $2.99 is introductory, so we're not sure where it will end up, but for either (or both!) iPhone and iPad, it's worth it.

Source: Workflow