WOOLF wearable for bikers warns when you're speeding

WOOFL is a wearable wrist band made from Italian leather and designed specifically for bikers, aiming to prevent them from getting speeding tickets. The wearable uses vibrations to alert the wearer of any speed issues, doing so in conjunction with a mobile device and sensors that track things like speed. Fast vibrations mean you're very close to an area where you need to be extra careful — somewhere with a known speed camera, for example.

The wearable is similar to some products we've seen surface for cyclists — it is intended to keep your eyes on the road by providing data using vibrations. Unlike the cyclist wearables, though, which usually vibrate on one side to indicate a turn, the WOOLF is designed to warn bikers about speed changes and traps. Slow vibrations mean to start easing off. As the wearer gets nearer to the danger zone, the vibrations will speed up.

The wearable has a hook and loop closure and is mostly flat in design. There's a small electronic board embedded that include the lithium-ion battery and the vibration motor; charging is done through a USB port. The wearable works with an app available for Android and iOS.

The team behind WOOLF is seeking a little under $99k USD on Kickstarter, where they have raised about $1300 with 24 days remaining. The band can be backed starting at 99 Euro for an early bird unit, which is estimated to ship to backers starting March 2017.

SOURCE: Kickstarter