Wonder Woman sets her foot down in latest Bats v Supes clip

There's a (probably contentious) quote that advises to never send a man to do a woman's job. And based on the latest Batman v Superman full-length trailer, it indeed takes a woman's touch to get the two superheroes to stop trying to kill each other. A Wonder Woman, that is. In this latest Dawn of Justice clip drop, a lot of the focus is, of course, lavished on the two alpha males butting heads, both in costume and in plain clothes. That is until Wonder Woman steps in to make them focus on a common foe instead.

It all almost starts innocently enough, like an overzealous reporter asking the wrong man the wrong question. And so begins the tension between the DC world's most iconic and most polarizing characters. Two conflicting ideologies, two conflicting ways of fighting evil in the world. Put them together in one city and you're bound to have trouble brewing.

Fortunately, all it takes is a common foe to unite two stubborn superpowered men. Yes, Lex Luthor finally makes an appearance. Amusingly, he's not the dark and brooding Luthor that we've gotten used to. Perhaps Warner Bros. thought a brooding Batman and a brooding Superman are more than enough, even too much. Fortunately, it seems that Lex is just as demented as the original.

And what of the monster at the end that almost literally knocks sensibility into the two? It does seem to resemble Doomsday just a wee bit, though the comics Doomsday never had any explosive abilities. Then again, this is not the comics universe anyway. And General Zod's (or at least his corpse) cameos raises more questions as well.

And what of Wonder Woman's sudden appearance that has Batman and Superman questioning whose side she's on? And where in the seven seas is Aquaman? Like all good teasers, you'll have to wait March next year to find out.