Wonder Woman, Justice League, LEGO Batman trailers fly high

The San Diego Comic-Con, a.k.a SDCC, isn't simply a gathering of comics fans, artists, writers, and companies. It has also become the venue for dropping teasers and revealing trailers for all things related to comics. And sometimes even things that aren't. We've already caught a glimpsed of Netflix's upcoming renditions Marvel's comics universe, so it's only fair to give DC Comics its time in the spotlight as well. Aside from the expected Suicide Squad drops, Warner Bros. has released official trailers for three (or two and a blocky half) highly anticipated superhero films descending on cinemas next year.

At the very top of the list is, of course, Wonder Woman, who already made her cinematic debut in the BvS movie. Soon it will be her time to shine solo. The Wonder Woman film will take us back in time, even before caped crusaders and alien babies crashing into Earth became a thing. It takes us back to a time when man's greatest enemy was himself. And when women of Greek myth totally kicked ass.

Fast forward to the present time and we get the first ever official trailer for Justice League, Warner Bros. and DC's first superhero team-up on the big screen (because we already have Legends of Tomorrow on TV). Fans will probably get goosebumps finally seeing the members of the League, sans Superman, of course, together. But one cannot but help feel a similar treatment to Suicide Squad's dark comedy. Whether that formula will actually work for DC and Warner Bros., we'll have to see next week when Suicide Squad hits the box office.

And on a completely lighter note, we also catch a glimpse of a LEGO superhero movie, which, being a LEGO movie, means it aims to be totally hilarious. And how can you go wrong with a gruff sounding Batman that actually cracks jokes? Well, there's also a Robin that is like no Robin you've ever seen. In other words, a recipe for total ridiculousness.

Wonder Woman premieres June 2017 while Justice League hits theaters November next year. The LEGO Batman Movie hasn't been given a 2017 date yet.