Wonder Woman 1984 trailer sparks so many questions

It has only been two years since the premiere of the first Wonder Woman film but 40 years have passed in the movie's timeline when Wonder Woman 1984 hits cinemas next year. The first trailer for that sequel has finally landed and it's not exactly subtle on the characters we expect to see, including a mysteriously resurrected lover. But, as we learned from the first blockbuster, never take things at face value and, like a well-done teaser, the trailer leaves almost everything open to interpretation.

Usually, you have to wait to see a movie to find out the villain but Wonder Woman 1984 already namedrops Kristen Wiig's character as Barbara Minerva, a.k.a. Cheetah and one of Wonder Woman's deadliest recurring foes. Given that the two seem to be talking rather amicably, you can probably expect a potentially heart-wrenching twist to that story.

And then there's the return of Steve Trevor who, for all intents and purposes, should be dead. Even if he survived the first film, by 1984 all of their friends have already passed away, save for eternally-young Diana, of course. How he comes back from the other side will undoubtedly be a major point in the plot.

Trevor does always seem to be the herald of war and Wonder Woman 1984 takes place during the US' Cold War with then Soviet Russia. It's a war that will apparently tap into Diana's memories of her days as an Amazon, which will probably be tearful nostalgic moments, and call upon some godly armor and skills. Does she even need to swing when she can theoretically fly?

Although there doesn't seem to be any trace of the almost iconic theme we heard in her past appearances, the trailer does have a catch retro tune to it. Wonder Woman 1984 premieres June 2020.