Woman turns home into anti-WiFi zone with shielding paint

There's an interesting story coming out of the United Kingdom this week about an elderly woman who has paid a substantial amount of money to turn her house into an anti-wireless technology zone. Stefanie Russell, who is 72-years-old and from Steyning, according to The Argus, has spent several thousand dollars to have her home painted in a type of radiation shielding paint that keeps all wireless signals out, making it an Internet and cell phone-free zone. The reason, she says, is concern about her health.

Paranoia surrounding technology — wireless tech, in particular — is nothing new, with many phases of panic having arisen over the years, including past concerns about cell phones causing brain tumors and standing too close to the microwave causing blindness.

It seems that may be, in part at least, why Mrs. Russell has gone to such great lengths to keep wireless signals out of her home. She claims to develop nausea and headaches from WiFi and phone signals ("electro-sensitivity", she calls it), which she says is severe enough that she can't ride buses because of all the cell phones. Reading stories about wireless tech causing cancer fueled her concerns.

As a result, Mrs. Russell hired a company to paint her house in multiple layers of shielding paint, which ended up costing about £4,000/$6,400. She is also petitioning schools to take similar steps to help protect children, including things like nixing WiFi in favor of Ethernet connections.

VIA: Digital Trends