Withings Thermo connected temporal thermometer launches

It used to be when you went to the doctor's office they would put a thermometer under your tongue and measure your temperature. Then doctors and many moms at home went to ear thermometers that would give temps quicker than the oral style. The next move in thermometer tech is to temporal thermometers that you simply press against the temple to get a reading. Withings has a new WiFi connected temporal thermometer that will interface with an app on your smartphone called Thermo.

Thermo is the first FDA approved WiFi connected temporal thermometer and the idea is that the app will allow users to tack temperatures without having to write them down or remember them. Thermo has 16 infrared sensors inside that take 4000 measurements in two seconds. Algorithms inside the Thermo device then correct the readings for biases like skin heat loss and ambient temperature.

Using the Thermo is very easy with the user only having to press a button and scanning the thermometer across the forehead at a distance of up to 1cm from the skin to get a reading. The thermometer vibrates twice when the measurement is done and the temperature is displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Thermo considers age and has a LED on it that will glow green for normal, orange for elevated, and red for high temperature level. Power for Thermo comes from a pair of AAA batteries good for up to two years of use. The associated app is available for iOS or Android devices. Notifications from the app remind parents to monitor a child with a fever and integrates with the Boston Children's Hospital tool called Thermia to educate parents on caring for a child with fever. Thermo is available in the US exclusively via the Apple Store, apple.com, and withings.com for $99.95. It will roll out to the rest of the world later.