Withings Connected Body Scale WBS01 gets feet on treatment

If you spend time at the gym fighting to lose your love handles and get in shape, odds are you are watching the scale for signs that all your efforts are paying off. With everything today going high tech, it makes sense that our scales would too. Dvice has its hands, or feet in this case, on the slick Withings Connected Body Scale.

The cool part about the scale is that not only will it give you your weight, but it will also determine your body fat percentage and your lean mass. Those two figures are very important since everyone has different bone and muscle mass and those charts you find online are vague when it comes to ideal body weight. Once you step on the scale the data is saved to later send to the Withings website.

The only drawback is that the scale needs to be connected to a PC via USB; I would wager few of us have a PC in our bathroom where the scale normally resides. Except maybe Chris, he is always online. An iPhone app is also available to allow you to track your data. The scale sells for $159 and is available on Amazon now. It sounds like a cool way to track your fitness goals.

Update: The people from Withings tell me that the scale only has to be hooked up to a PC once to set up its internal Wi-Fi.