Withings Activite activity tracker is a Swiss-made smartwatch

Withings has introduced a new activity tracker that'll fit in nicely with your formal wear, the Activite. With the Activite comes a variety of tracking software crammed into a classy Swiss-made timepiece, allowing wearers to track their activities and sleep quality.

The Activite features Connected Movement, which ensures long-term accuracy and procession. There's an accelerometer and tracker that monitors one's various daily activities and calculates related info like calories burned and how much distance one has traversed throughout the day.

As mentioned, the smartwatch can also monitor sleep quality, picking up patterns like how long it takes the wearer to fall asleep and to fall into a deep sleep. There's a vibrating alarm to wake the wearer up, as well as an automatic switch between being in active and sleep modes.

The Activite works with the Withings Health Mate app, which forms activity plans for the user, allows them to share their information, hit personal goals, and such. Rounding out the device is how it's powered — through standard watch batteries said to provide a year of run time.

The design itself includes Sapphire glass and touch screen, stainless steel 316L, a leather strap made from Tanneries Haas, and both black and silver options.

The Withings Activite smartwatch will be available from the company's website and through certain unnamed retailers some time this Fall for $390 USD. For other smartwatch news, check out our SlashGear Wearables hub, and for more Withings new, hit up the timeline below.

SOURCE: Withings