Wireless carriers eye charging a fee per service

The wireless world as we know it is a changing. We all know that the wireless carriers have spent years trying to convince us all that they need to charge us a lot more money for the data services we use on smartphones. I think that few of us have been convinced that the carrier has significantly more costs when we use YouTube than they do when we don't.

With the FCC pussing out on much of the net neutrality stuff that it had talked about and apparently ready to cave to major wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T by not including them under propsed regulations the days of having unlimited and open wireless accounts on our devices in the US are numbered. A slide has surfaced from a marketing presentation given by Allot Communications and Openet, which are companies that sell subscriber management, tools to major providers like AT&T and Verizon.

The slide shows a way that the carriers can identify what the subscriber is using and then charge the user a specific fee for using the service. The company even claims that its system can figure out what encrypted packets are using and charge even if the user tries to avoid detection. If there was ever a company deserving of a nice denial of service attack it's Allot.

Via Engadget