Wired Magazine: iPad edition [Video]

Wired has definitely been busy working on something top-secret for the last several months, and now we've discovered that they've still been working on the same-old magazine, with one tiny exception: it's for the iPad.  The new digital product, the Wired Reader, has been recreated for a touchscreen tablet experience.  Here's the demo of the Wired experience, the iPad way, after the break.

Initially demoed at the TED conference, the digital tablet version apparently "was not a CGI demo or concept — it was running live code with real copy. The content was created in Adobe InDesign, as is the case for the print magazine, with the same designers adding interactive elements, from photo galleries and video to animations, along with adapting the designs so it looks great in both portrait and landscape orientation. This is a departure from the usual web model, where a different team repurposes magazine content into HTML, unavoidably losing much of the visual context in the process. Wired.com is not a re-purposed version of the magazine, but rather an separately-produced news service."

Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson has announced the release of the digital tablet version of Wired set for this summer.  Of course, we're still wondering how much a subscription will cost.  I'm an avid Wired reader, and I'm hoping that  it won't be that much more than print (or will it?).

Check out the video demonstration here.

[via Wired]