Wine dispenser for the rich and famous

Nothing says "I'm cheap" like wine in a box. It means that you're probably going to drink a lot of it(hopefully not by yourself), and you don't want to pay for those fancy bottles. Well, for those of you that regard it as high-class, here's a way to make your boxed wine seem high-class.

Did I say high-class, I mean it makes it look like you enjoy drinking a lot. To me the Boxed Wine Dispenser says, "I drink a lot, but wine is good for you, so it's ok". Whereas a kegerator tells people that you like drinking, and you're proud of it.

For those of you that are excited about this you can get in black, red, or white. You could even get all three and host a wine tasting party. Or not.

Box Wine Dispenser For Your Boxed Wine Presumably Comes in a Box [via gizmodo]