Windows Phone team talks about issues with latest update

If you are rocking a Windows Phone 7 smartphone and have been hearing that there are some issues with the first update to the OS and wonder exactly what's up, Microsoft's Windows Phone team is speaking out. An official blog post has been put up that outlines issues and what is going on with the update.

According to the official post so far 90% of the people that have received an update notification have installed the new software patch without issue. The 10% who have had issues have had the update fail for two main reasons according to the team – a bad internet connection or insufficient computer storage.

The team notes that there is a technical issue that is affecting a small amount of Samsung branded phones. They are working to fix that issue and until fixed the update isn't being rolled out to any Samsung phones at this time. The best thing to do according to the post when it comes time for your update is to be sure your web connection is good and you have storage space. If you haven't received the update notification, the Windows Phone team says it could be days or even weeks before you do.