Windows Phone Marketplace 100,000 app milestone reached

Microsoft has managed to convince enough developers to spend enough time creating apps for its mobile ecosystem to eclipse the 100,000 app target. However, that is not a measurement of apps you can go into the digital download storefront and download today. That's the total number of apps that have ever been submitted. The available app number is still lagging a bit.

Around 89,788 apps are currently living inside the Windows Phone Marketplace. Compared to the hundreds of thousands of apps that exist on Google Play and the iPhone App Store, that number seems relatively low. But Microsoft's strategy has of course been to tout quality over quantity. After all, there comes a point when no user is going to be impressed by different platforms inching ahead of one another, and when we're talking about 100,000 or so apps, consumers really don't have to worry about there being enough content.

What they do worry about is whether or not the smartphone platform they choose has the right content for them. As for Windows Phone, the most popular kind of app fits into the entertainment category, with 19% of Windows Phone apps categorized with that tag. Tools & productivity ame in second with 15%, followed by books and reference with 13%. Games chimes in with 12%. So you can see for Windows Phone, the key is variety of apps, not quantity.

[via VentureBeat]