Windows Phone 8 SDK leaks out

Windows Phone 8 isn't due to launch until the Fall, but it looks like the full SDK has leaked out of China. The 1.35GB download was served up on Chinese forums WPXAP, and includes a whole host of files that will enable developers to get up to speed with the latest version of Windows Phone. Users are still scrambling to download the SDK, although the file is also reportedly available on Microsoft's own servers, provided you have the necessary login details to get at it.

The brunt of the download is the file, containing the SDK. Other files include PDF guides for network monitoring, battery optimization for applications, and a dashboard simulation for apps. Interestingly, a file called "Windows Phone Apollo Release Notes.htm" is also included in the package, which may reveal some more details about Windows Phone 8 that Microsoft hasn't announced yet.

Developers will probably be the most interested parties trying to get their hands on the download, although it's not exactly easy. Users have to download a third-party Chinese application due to the size of the file. Even when you do have the SDK, it reportedly only runs on the WIndows 8 preview edition, and Microsoft may restrict the SDK to just Windows 8 when it is officialyl released. If your interested has been perked, hit up the source link for the full details.

[via WPCentral]