Windows Phone 8 may see improved lock screen notifications

Microsoft showed off a ton of new features for Windows Phone 8 at the Windows Phone Summit back in June, but the company did mention that some functionality had yet to be revealed. WPCentral has noticed that Microsoft may be planning to enhance lock screen notifications in Windows Phone 8. Currently users will see notifications for any missed calls or text messages, but WPCentral believes Microsoft will open up the lock screen to third-party apps.

WPCentral says there are four options that developers will be able to take advantage of, with one "being extremely creative" and changing the lock screen throughout the course of a day. They stopped short of revealing all the details, however. It's also not entirely clear if Microsoft will extend support to a full blow notification center like iOS or Android.

New functionality in Windows Phone 8 will include an improved interface, with users able to change the size of tiles and arrange them as they see fit on the home screen. The OS will also gain support for 720p screens as well as dual-core processors from Qualcomm, and Windows Phone 8 share a common core with Windows 8. Microsoft also focused on its NFC and Wallet features, plus new enterprise and business security details.

[via The Verge]