Windows optional updates put on hold but only starting May

It isn't just events and conferences that are being put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even software developers have started announcing a slight pause in their release cycles, both due to the decrease in human resources but also to ensure that users will be able to keep a proven stable version of the program. That is certainly true for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers but now even Windows 10 is following suit. The only catch is that it won't happen until May.

One of the reasons that Google and Microsoft have decided not to release new versions of their web browsers is to avoid inadvertently breaking those programs during this period. Chrome's monthly cycle, while usually uneventful, still leaves the door open for new bugs to come in via new features. But when it comes to introducing new bugs in updates, nothing probably beats Windows 10.

Microsoft has now announced that it will be pausing all non-security releases for all supported Windows versions starting May as part of its response to the global public health situation. It will still, however, continue pushing security updates every Tuesday to avoid leaving those same computers open to vulnerabilities.

The catch here is that this hold will only start in May, which a little over a month from now. That still leaves plenty of time for new updates to arrive and potentially break computers at a time when they have become even more critical for both work and play. In fact, Microsoft just released the cumulative update for March, which it claims to have no known issues, at least so far.

Microsoft is also silent on the next major Windows 10 release, a.k.a. version 2004 a.k.a. 1H20. Normally, that would land around April or May but given the situation, Microsoft should probably just put it on hold as well.