Windows Home Server has issues

Other than it being a Microsoft project, it screws with the files you save on the server if you modify and then save them while they are on the server. They are, however, working on a bug fix and apparently whole home server team is working through the holidays to fix it.

So, don't modify or save the files from the following programs to your Windows Home Server: Photos, Office Outlook Files 2007, Office OneNote files (2003 or 2007), Microsoft Money files, Quicken Files, QuickBooks files, or Torrent files. The hardware and software combination is rather pricey, so I doubt a lot of people have adopted the technology, but this is just a warning to those that have.

Apparently the issue is within the shared folders code of the software, and once fixed, there shouldn't be any more problems of this nature. But then again, this is Microsoft we are talking about, so, save yourself the trouble and find your local Linux geek and give him and old computer, some hard drives and some money and tell him you want a Linux fileserver and that is the way to go.

Windows Home Server Data Corruption [via dailytech]

picture credit: Engadget