Windows drivers allow use of PS3 controller for PC gaming

Many of us long time gamers have grown very use to the Sony PlayStation controllers.  Sometimes it is very irritating not being able to use the same controller when playing on a different console or PC. Now thanks to a Japanese software programmer, we can use the PlayStation 3 controller to play PC games.

Just released are the software drivers for the PlayStation 3's SixAxis and DualShock3 controllers for use with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.  Microsoft has released the necessary software to use their Xbox 360 controller with Windows PCs therefore calling for unofficial drivers to use Sony's classic controller model for PC gaming.

The drivers are a stopgap that also unlocks the force feedback function although compatibility is limited to only USB operation at the moment. Drivers are available to download along with instructions that can be found at What exactly a story like this is doing over there, I just can't seem to imagine. I'm going to give this a try the next time I get a moment to myself.