Windows Blue reportedly keeps Windows 8 Metro interface

If you're not a big fan of the Metro-style interface found in Windows 8, then we've got bad news for you. As it turns out, the controversial interface might not be changing much as we move into Windows 9 – yes, Windows 8 has only been available for a couple of months, but that's not stopping the Windows 9 rumors from popping up. According to one poster over on the Taiwanese PCBeta forums, Windows 9, which has been codenamed "Windows Blue," will keep the Metro train rolling whether you like it not.

This news comes from a user who is supposedly an alpha tester for Windows Blue. While the Metro UI may not be going away in Windows Blue, it could allow for greater levels of customization. Details on these additional customization options are pretty scarce, but resizable tiles might be one of the features on deck.

The Windows desktop you know and love will be hanging around, but it could get a visual update that makes it mesh better with the Metro theme in Windows Blue. That's all this particular alpha tester seemed willing to share, but it's important to keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed by Microsoft. The Metro UI could very well be a major part of Windows Blue, but if the backlash against it doesn't go away anytime soon, you can bet that Microsoft will want to look at other options.

Microsoft took a pretty big chance with the Metro UI in Windows 8, and while we liked it, there are many users out there who aren't too happy about this new Windows. We may be stuck with it depending on how hard Microsoft wants to push its highly-publicized changes, but remember that there's still plenty of time left before the launch of the next Windows version. By that time, Windows Blue could be entirely different from the version we're hearing about today. Stay tuned.

[via ExtremeTech]