Windows 9 tipped to shake up use of Modern UI

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 30, 2014, 9:10pm CDT
Windows 9 tipped to shake up use of Modern UI

The Windows Threshold updates, which may or may not be dubbed Windows 9, will usher in a shakeup to how Modern UI (“Metro”) will be used by the operating system. Clear lines will be drawn between the mobile versions of the system versus how it is displayed for laptop and desktop users, it is being reported.

Once the Threshold updates arrive, it is said that for mobile users (those on tablets), Modern UI will trump the desktop, while the reverse will be true for those using Windows on a desktop or laptop computer — the desktop will take precedence, while Modern UI will be dialed back.

Reportedly, Modern UI will be disabled by default for non-mobile users. According to sources that spoke to the folks at Neowin, the rumor that Modern apps will run in windowed mode on the desktop in this version of Windows is valid — a new Start menu said to be arriving with the Threshold updates will let users launch Modern apps, eschewing the use of mobile-centric Metro screens altogether.

Furthermore, it is being said that Threshold will usher in a distinct look that differentiates it from Windows 8.1. For other recent Windows news, check out our related tag portal, and hit up the timeline below.

SOURCE: Neowin

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