Windows 8 Nears Beta, Build 7989 Screenshot Leaks

Microsoft's Windows 8 may be nearing beta with new screenshots leaked today from a Milestone 3 copy. The interface was first demoed at the D9 conference by Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky and even shown running on prototype tablet hardware at Computex 2011. For developers anxious to get a hold of the beta build of Windows 8, rumors suggest the full leak could be coming soon.

The new screenshots published today from MDL via BetaArchive shows a new background and boot screen along with the return of the Microsoft betta fish. The betta fish was used back in Windows 7 beta as a wallpaper and soon turned into a mascot for Microsoft's beta stages of Windows 7. Its return to build 7989 of Windows 8 suggests the beta may be ready.

The Windows 8 release date has been hinted at most recently by Microsoft VP Dan'l Lewin, who said that it's safe to assume that the new platform would hit the market 12 months after the beta. It's believed that the beta will be revealed in September at the BUILD developer conference.

[via WinRumors]