Windows 7 support is ending next year, Microsoft urges Windows 10 upgrades

All good things must come to an end, Microsoft says. It probably has no idea how poignant that is in light of recent Windows news. The company has just started the countdown timer for the end of life of Windows 7, encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 10. But in doing so, not only will users be saying goodbye to what was, until last month, the most used Windows version, they will also be saying hello to the headaches that Windows 10 updates bring.

It has taken more than 6 years and two and a half versions of Windows to finally dethrone Windows 7. Launched in late 2009, the version of the operating systems sits in between two widely considered flop Windows releases, Windows Vista and Windows 8. Its colorful and glassy Aero theme, narrow Start Menu, and iconic startup sound are probably still the things that most people associate Windows with.

And some might continue to do so even beyond January 14, 2020. Beyond that date, Microsoft will no longer be providing official support or even critical security fixes to Windows 7. But it's not like the OS will completely stop working right then and there. Even Microsoft admits, perhaps begrudgingly, that Windows 7 will continue to function. You'll just be less protected.

Of course, if you want to get not just new features but also security updates, you'll have to upgrade to Windows 10. Given Microsoft's wonderful track record lately in regards to updates, that might not exactly be a comforting thought, especially for business owners who rely on keeping their PCs functional even through updates.