Windows 11 teaser is an 11-minute slo-fi remix of startup sounds

Microsoft already confirmed that there will be no Windows 10X this year or in the near future, even for single-screen devices that we call laptops and desktops, adding to the disappointment of those still waiting for the company to make good on its dual-screen promises. The Windows 10 21H1 release was also a pretty minor one designed more like a service update with bug fixes and little new features. Microsoft knows it can't keep a low profile for too long, especially these days, so it seems to be turning the marketing up to 11 for Windows 11.

Actually, Microsoft hasn't yet named the next version of Windows as Windows 11. All it said, at least explicitly, that it would be the biggest Windows update in years. Given how its past Windows 10 updates, despite being big, were positioned more as "rolling updates", this upcoming Windows update could warrant a number bump.

The first clue to that name comes from the rather odd time Microsoft chose to announce it, at 11 AM ET so close to lunch break. To the more imaginative, the tweet announcing the announcement may even suggest a number "11" since the shape on the floor isn't broken up into a grid just like the window it came from.

Now Microsoft put up another teaser that supports that theory, uploading an 11-minute video on YouTube that remixes Windows' startup sounds into a single slo-fi track. Ironically, Windows hasn't had a distinctive startup sound since Windows 8. Also, Microsoft seems to have a very unique concept of what constitutes a relaxing slo-fi tune.

Microsoft is set to reveal the next big Windows update on June 24 and people will naturally be curious about how big it really will be. It won't be "Windows 10X big", for sure, but even the "Sun Valley" changes alone could make for massive changes. Unfortunately, Windows users don't exactly have a track record of welcoming massive changes so it's unlikely that Microsoft will do anything drastic this time.