Windows 11 on OnePlus 6T runs Crysis, Hitman 4

If the original Doom is often used as a litmus test for computing devices, both seriously and jokingly, Crysis is sometimes used to test the graphics capabilities of a computer or GPU. There might be other more graphics-intensive games these days, but the tradition has remained the same throughout the years. Now Crysis is again being used for something almost so unlikely you wouldn't expect it to work, yet some did just make Crysis run on a OnePlus 6T running Windows 11.

On the one hand, it is cheating a bit since Windows 11 on ARM is a full desktop experience, not like Windows 10 Mobile. On the other hand, the hardware and software requirements of running a Windows game on a phone still make this quite an achievement, regardless of the actual platform. Consider that the game runs on a phone not designed to run such games is even more impressive.

When we say "run," though, we really mean it in its most literal and minimal sense for a video game. As you can probably expect, the graphics quality can't be pushed to its best settings, and there might be a few frames dropped here and there. It's still playable, though, which is no small feat for a 2018 Android phone.

Crysis isn't the only game that has been tested to run on Windows 11 on phones. Hitman 4: Blood Money is shown below, running with better frame rates and visual quality. Skyrim reportedly failed to make the cut. Ironically, no one has tried running Doom yet.

Unfortunately, these are tests with few practical long-term benefits. Microsoft is unlikely to allow Windows 11 to run on phones from other manufacturers and won't be distributing official images to make that happen. It would be a complete shame, though, since these experiments show the possibilities if Microsoft pushed through with its own Windows 11 phone.