Windows 11 Focus Sessions integrates Spotify for productivity

Windows 11 is so far turning out to be a very mixed bag of features, big and small alike. While its underlying core seems to remain close to Windows 10, Microsoft has been adding new visuals and UI features to make the release a bit more worthwhile. Not all of these features will appeal to all users, of course, and some like this Spotify-fueled Focus Sessions are geared more towards the productivity fans in the crowd.

Windows isn't always seen as an operating system where people gush over features and appearances, at least in comparison to the likes of macOS, iOS, and Android. In fact, it is probably safe to say that the majority of Windows users are opposed to any changes that affect their productivity, which often means changes that break their long-established workflows. That said, this upcoming Windows 11 feature might actually appeal to people who live by productivity tools and concepts like the Pomodoro Technique.

Windows 11 is introducing a new feature in the Clock app called Focus Sessions. In a nutshell, it lets you set goals and timers for tasks with the aim of spending small chunks of uninterrupted time to complete a task. These tasks are taken from, well, Microsoft Tasks, and you can pick which item from the list to work on and for how long.

The more interesting aspect of Focus Sessions, however, is its Spotify integration. You will apparently be able to select tracks that will help you keep focused on the task at hand. Whether you'll be able to select from your own account or only from a curated collection based on certain themes remains to be seen.

This teaser from Windows chief Panos Panay comes on the heels of the new Snipping Tool reveal. After introducing a different but related Snip & Sketch tool in Windows 10, Microsoft has seemingly decided to combine the two apps together under a similar name. Both new features are headed to Windows 11, expected to launch later this year.