Windows 10 Your Phone app can now mirror Android notifications

Microsoft may have thrown in the towel in the mobile platform arena but that doesn't mean it has given up on having a presence in mobile. That means not only having apps on Android and iOS but also trying to bridge the gap between Windows 10 PCs and smartphones. The second scenario is being served by Microsoft's "Your Phone" app, which just got an important feature that will stop Android users from having to check their phones every time a notification comes in.

Android and iOS may be the kings of mobile but most people still get their work done on Windows computers. Most have their phones beside them and find themselves switching back and forth between the two, especially just to check if the notification is an important one deserving of your full attention.

With the latest Your Phone feature, you don't need to juggle the two. You will see your Android notifications popup just like normal Windows 10 notifications. You can decide right then and there whether it's worth breaking your flow just to reach for your phone.

There are three pieces you need to make this happen. One is that you'll need to be on Windows 10 with the 1803 update at the very least. The other is that you'll need version 1.19052.657.0 or later of the Your Phone app. Of course, you'll need to pair your Android phone with your Windows 10 PC, which requires the Your Phone Companion app.

At the moment, all Your Phone can do is show notifications. It's possible that it will gain the ability to make quick responses right on the notification. When that arrives, you will really have fewer reasons to switch away from Microsoft's OS, at least during your work hours.