Windows 10 preview build 10130: Cortana shortcut and more

Microsoft has pushed out the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build, bringing it to build 10130. Because the builds are fairly far along at this point, they no longer bring with them big changes that add big features — rather, at this point, it's more polishing things up and tweaking things when needed. As such, you'll find a lot of smaller changes with build 10130, perhaps some that you were hoping would happen, including things as simple as a new shortcut for Cortana to customization of the Start experience.

There are some new icons, which those with the build can find in the File Explorer. There's the aforementioned ability to customize the "Start experience", as Microsoft calls it — this can be done by heading into Settings and then Personalization, followed by the Start menu. Options include stuff like full-screen "Start", display recent items, and more.

Those pesky icons, which caused a lot of uproar early on, have been refined and made more subtle, as well as a bit more stylish (and we do stress only a bit). Whether you like them is personal, but Microsoft says it took the ample feedback into consideration when designing them.

As well, there's improvements to the Jump Lists' UI, bringing it in line with the rest of the UI, continuum improvements when in Tablet mode, various improvements to Project Spartan (aka, "Microsoft Edge" browser), changes to task bar settings in virtual desktops, a name change for printing to PDF (it's now called, appropriately, "Microsoft Print to PDF"), tweaks to video playback, and that Cortana shortcut (Win key + C).

SOURCE: Windows Blog