Windows 10 notification rains on local weather forecast

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? If not, you probably get hounded by Windows to make the switch every day. Microsoft has grown more and more persistant in their efforts to get everyone to upgrade to their latest OS. Not only are home users getting bombarded with notifications, but businesses are too. This includes one local news station.

During the weather segment of a recent news broadcast, KCCI 8 news Meteorologist Mitinka Slater was informed that Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10. The prompt showed up on the map behind her, taking up most of the screen. She laughed it off, like anyone would. She remarked "Don't you love it when that pops up?"

It's funny to laugh at a little blooper like this, but it does go to show that Microsoft has gotten too aggressive with their campaign to get everyone to upgrade. In fact, once the messages start appearing, they're pretty hard to get rid of. They're almost as bad as malware on a system, as the average user isn't going to get them to stop appearing. And some people will go ahead and upgrade, not realizing the changes that are going to come to their system, simply because "Microsoft recommends" it.

If you are getting regular popups asking you to upgrade, and you want to stop them, you can try out GWX Control Panel. It's a free program whose sole purpose is to get rid of those annoying notifications.