Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update is finally rolling out

Better late than never, as they always say. And considering this is Microsoft and smartphones we're talking about, the default is, more often than not, "never". Still, the Creators Update for the mobile version of Microsoft's operating system has been promised and, in truth, was already rolled out to its Insiders group. Following the release of the update for Windows 10 on desktops, Microsoft's Dona Sarkar confirmed over at Twitter that the update is rolling out to everyone in waves. At least everyone eligible to get the update, of course.

The update is going to be bittersweet for the remaining Windows Mobile faithful. For one, not all devices are getting it. In fact, Microsoft has whittled the official list down to just 13. Those include, and definitely limited to:

• Alcatel IDOL 4S

• Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL

• HP Elite x3

• Microsoft Lumia 550

• Microsoft Lumia 640/640XL

• Microsoft Lumia 650

• Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL

• MouseComputer MADOSMA Q601

• SoftBank 503LV

• Trinity NuAns NEO

• VAIO Phone Biz

It seems that, in every update, Microsoft is shrinking the list until there's probably none left.

Second, the update is disappointing in terms of features. It only has a few enhancements to the experience, like improvement to Cortona and the addition of an ebook reader to the Edge browser. Many of the promised highlights, like significant improvements to Continuum, were cut before the release.

Those still waiting for the update to Windows 10 Mobile might be waiting in vain. If the signs are to be read, Microsoft might soon be abandoning Windows 10 Mobile. Or spinning it into another form yet again. Qualcomm has practically confirmed what many have predicted would be happening, an ARM-based Windows 10 device. Whether this will take the form of a smartphone or just a tablet, only time will again tell. Given how Microsoft has flip-flopped consistently on its mobile thrust, it might not be wise to hold one's breath.

VIA: MSPoweruser