Willow Garage Announces Expansion of PR2 Robot Community

With all of the ridiculously advanced robots out there, it probably won't be the PR2 robots that start, or finish the war between man and machines. Their duties, which border on the strictly mundane, include that of folding laundry. But that doesn't mean even the smallest robots out there shouldn't have plenty of people making them do those mundane things in the best possible way. Willow Garage has announced that the community focused on these small robots has expanded, and now includes 16 leading research laboratories around the world.

With the expansion, scientists, developers, and engineers will be able to come together at four different research centers, where they can put their focus on the PR2 robots, and design new capabilities for the little bots. The intention of these research centers is to make it possible to bring personal robots for usage in the home faster. The centers can be found in Korea, France, Washington, DC, and Seattle. With the new support from the scientists and researchers, personal robots may be just right around the corner (figuratively speaking).

[via UberGizmo]